Demonstrating ongoing competency - CPD Assessment

Any AMTRA RAMA who does not gain sufficient CPD points during an AMTRA CPD period must pass an assessment to demonstrate continuing competency before they will be permitted to renew their AMTRA status for the following year.

For example, a RAMA not gaining enough CPD points by 30 June 2021 would not be permitted to renew their AMTRA status for 2022 without first passing this assessment. (In the meantime, anyone in that situation remains a RAMA until 31 December of the year in question.)

Additionally, those who wish to return to the AMTRA Register after an extended absence will normally have to pass this assessment to demonstrate ongoing competency.

Those passing the Assessment will be readmitted to the AMTRA Register but will have an enhanced CPD points obligation.

Booking the CPD assessment

From March 2021, the assessment to demonstrate ongoing competency is an enhanced (longer) viva with an AMTRA Assessor. This will include a focus on the Veterinary Medicines Regulations, associated guidance, the Code of Practice, plus a number of scenarios appropriate to the species categories being applied for.

Please contact the AMTRA office if you wish to undertake this Assessment.