Welcome to the RAMA Enrolment Page.

Please note that if you are a company user enrolling RAMA candidates on their behalf, please do not use this form - instead log in first [Login] and enrol via the 'New enrolments' button.

Please complete this form to enrol as a student AMTRA RAMA (SQP) for the first time. If you have previously enrolled with AMTRA (whether qualified or not) please contact us first, click the 'CONTACT' Menu at the top of this page for details - Thank you.

Please note this process will require payment by card or setting up a new direct debit mandate. If you wish to pay by cheque please download and complete the paper enrolment form, which is available from the following link - Thank you: Download RAMA Enrolment form

This is for STANDARD Enrolment

This is for those who wish to become a RAMA (Registered Animal Medicines Advisor / SQP), other than Veterinary Nurses. If you are a Veterinary Nurse, please Click the link for Veterinary Nurse Enrolment Form, just below.