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Josie Towers

Meet your AMTRA Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) - Josie Towers - Store Manager at Wynnstay country store in Kendal, Cumbria

Josie has been with Wynnstay since November 2013, initially working part-time as she completed the second of two degrees gained at Myerscough College, all within a three-year period.

Having completed her studies for her FdSc Welfare of Animals (Nursing), before adding the BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare course, within 18 months of joining Wynnstay, Josie had also added the RAMA qualification to her portfolio.

Following three promotions, Josie has been the Store Manager at Kendal since July 2020, where she says her training has been crucial.

“The most important aspect of my role as a RAMA is giving out the correct advice, whether in store or over the ‘phone. Making sure the correct product is used at the right time is key,” says Josie.  

Keeping up to date with AMTRA training and CPD means Josie is fully up to speed with the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of animal medicines.

“As a RAMA, communication is key. This means listening to clients, understanding the problem and the animal’s environment, to ensure the best advice and treatment is given,” continues Josie.

“It is about building trust, so the customer has the confidence that we are providing the best advice for their animals,” she says.

Josie is currently looking ahead with spring approaching, and turnout just around the corner.

“We will soon need to consider fly control and worming of cattle. Treating for flies earlier in the season will reduce the fly population earlier, so in summer it will hopefully help reduce problems such as summer mastitis,” she says.

“For sheep I will be proactively considering Nematodirus, particularly when temperatures get above 10c for young lambs,” Josie adds.

“I am also a great advocate for faecal egg counts, helping identify when it may not be necessary to worm animals, therefore also helping reduce any wormer resistance,” she concludes.

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