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Tony Morris

Meet your AMTRA Registered Animal Medicines Advisor (RAMA) - Tony Morris - Animal Health Sales Specialist in the West Midlands

Tony joined Wynnstay twelve years ago initially in a sales position, adding the RAMA qualification within a year and BASIS the following year in order to enable greater understanding and further capabilities to his role. Prior to this, Tony ran a small dairy farm.

Speaking about taking the AMTRA RAMA qualification, Tony explains, “It came out of a greater desire to learn more and be better informed, on behalf of the customers, and be able to give best quality advice. This, along with the agronomy, broadens my influence on-farm, and enables me to really understand their business.”

A typical day for Tony involves calling at farms in the area, and keeping up-to-date with activity on customer’s farms, and their seasonal requirements.

“The first skill in my role is to listen, and let the customer talk,” explains Tony. “This is the best way to identify what needs attention.”

“One of the most important messages currently, is preserving the efficacy of anthelmintics. I’m careful to keep discussion focussed on appropriate product, and not cost. After all, choosing a sub-optimal treatment could make it the most expensive!

“A few customers take a little convincing of the wider benefits, so I allow them time, sow the seeds and build on that during following visits,” he continues

“Keeping up to date with AMTRA training and CPD is key, and gives me confidence in my advice. It is topical and fresh in my mind when those conversations come up on farm in the following weeks.”

Tony believes the RAMA name change is a positive step forward – “SQP, or even the term ‘suitably qualified person’ doesn’t convey what the role entails. Although ‘Registered Animal Medicines Advisor’ is a bit of a mouthful, we shouldn’t be afraid to say that full name, as it properly explains what we do… provide advice on animal medicines.”

Tony is currently advising on boosters for early lambing, and pre-lambing meds, preparing customers ahead of time, enabling them to get the best out of their enterprises.

Speak to your AMTRA RAMA for the latest qualified guidance and advice. 

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