Your Council Representatives

The AMTRA Council includes a number of people who have been elected by RAMAs to represent them on Council.

If you have questions or concerns or proposals for AMTRA, then of course do contact the AMTRA office. But if you would like to contact your representatives, please do so:

Andrew Pattison – farm animal RAMA representative

I have worked for RM Jones for over 30 years as farm-centre manager, building a good working relationship with local vets and throughout the industry as a whole. I have hands on experience as an end user, having kept a flock of 200 ewes for 15 years before family life and the full time job at RM Jones made being a shepherd untenable.

I care deeply about the RAMA supply chain and RAMAs as a professional body, believing that they have an important role to play in animal health, whether on farm or for horse and pet owners. In fact, I believe the role of a RAMA is to help the farmer make money by improving animal health. We are nowhere without successful customers.

Sarah Brooks – farm animal RAMA representative

I have been involved with and worked within the agricultural industry all my life. I have a great rural affinity and real passion for animal health and welfare and I believe this is reflected in my work. I qualified as an RAMA whilst working for HBF Ltd back in 1995 and so have 25 years of experience and I was recently awarded with Farm RAMA of the year at the National SQP Awards.

From HBF Ltd I have gone on to hold roles at Trilanco, Countrywide Farmers and also run my own business which had a registered premises and supplied animal medicines. I’m currently employed at Wynnstay as Animal Health Training & Campaign Manager. I’m responsible for organising in-house AMTRA Training and CPD Training for all qualified RAMAs which total 233.

Dawn Prime – companion animal RAMA representative

My name is Dawn Prime, I am a Senior Animal Nursing Assistant (ANA) and R-RAMA, based in a veterinary practice on the Norfolk and Suffolk border.

I qualified as an R-RAMA in 2015 and since then I have used my RAMA status to promote the Animal Health Industry and the fantastic work that we do. This includes writing articles for publications including Farmers Weekly, Farmers Guardian and OvertheCounter. I also promote the industry through my own social media and blogs

I have become involved in teaching and mentoring the RAMAs of the future, through face-to-face module and CPD training. Going forward, I’d like to make face-to-face CPD more accessible, ensuring that our RAMAs are the best they can be.

I am driven and passionate about animal health and welfare and (as a qualified dispenser) vocal about the responsible use of medicines. I would like to be a focal point for all RAMAs; for their confidence and self-development, or if something needs to be escalated and addressed by the council.

Stella Kendall – companion animal RAMA representative

25 years ago I started with Pets at Home , my first store was in York and I have since moved around a few other stores. I am now a senior manager and help to train and guide other colleagues through there career path. I never stop embracing new areas / subjects to learn about, this helps to further my knowledge which also helps me to guide other colleagues.

At the end of 2018 I decided I wanted to become a Gold RAMA, this has opened my eyes to how important our roles are. My next challenge is to become an Avian RAMA. I became a gold RAMA in 2019 and I was the first one ever in Pets at Home, I also helped two other colleagues to become Gold and have plans to move this on further.

I feel I have a wealth of experience I could bring to the Amtra council, I deal with a wide range of customers and I also work closely with vets and groomers in stores. I help with training across my area and the whole company.

Cara Baillie – equine animal RAMA representative

I currently work for Loch Leven Equine Practice. My time is split equally between the equine nursing team and customer care team. My role as an RAMA for Loch Leven is to develop and manage our worming programme with a focus on reducing anthelmintic resistance in our horses through a targeted worming programme and a marketing strategy that supports this - #PreventEducateTreat.

My role as a nurse means I have hands on experience of testing, which includes running in house worm egg counts, and arranging Equisal Saliva tests. My work as part of the customer care team allows me to build meaningful relationships with our clients who trust the advice that we offer. Working within a veterinary team allows new developments, knowledge and experience to be shared and discussed to ensure that we are constantly providing the best possible service for our clients.

My aim would be for all RAMAs to be able to access this level of knowledge and expertise through regular and easy to access CPD as well as having the opportunity to share cases with fellow RAMAs. This is all possible through the use of the Internet whether that is through digital training or online forums that can be used to support case discussions. I passionately believe that we need to be providing our RAMAs with the resources and support they need to prevent worm burdens in our horse population. This will only happen through client education and where treatment is used only where absolutely necessary.