AMTRA – Fees List

These fees are updated 3 July 2023. All these fees are exempt from VAT.

All payments are subject to AMTRA’s standard terms and conditions: in particular all enrolment fees are inclusive of the assessment fee only on condition that the assessment is sat within 24 months of enrolment. If the assessment is sat after that date, an additional fee will be charged to keep a student registration active. If a candidate withdraws from an assessment within four weeks of the exam, an additional fee is charged upon rebooking.

Category Species Current fee
R All VPS Medicines £519
G Farm animals & Equines £499
K Farm & Companion animals £499
E Equines & Companion animals £449
L Farm animals only £475
J Equines only £425
C Companion animals only £425
A Avians including Poultry £425
CA Companion animals & Avians £449
JA Equines & Avians £449
EA Companion, Equine & Avian £475
C Test £1

Supplementary fee for extended student registration

The enrolment fee includes the assessment fee for the modules selected at enrolment (provided all the modules are sat at the same time). However, the first attempt at assessments must be within 24 months of enrolment, and subsequent attempts within 24 months of the most recent attempt, otherwise a supplementary fee is payable.

That fee is £44 per year or part-year in excess of 24 months. Note that for those enrolling as a student since 1 April 2022, this fee must be paid before the expiry of the 24 months.

Assessment cancellation/withdrawal fees

£55 fee if a candidate cancels (including failing to show for the assessment) less than two weeks before the assessment.

£33 fee if a candidate cancels between 4 and 2 weeks prior to the assessment.

Note that cancellation/withdrawal includes substituting one individual for another within the same company.

Although the fee is a cancellation/withdrawal fee, it is payable upon re-booking for a fresh assessment.


For candidates making a second or subsequent attempt at any of the modules involved in their original enrolment:

Re-sit fee
one module £185
two modules £256
three modules £316
four modules £360
viva (oral) £71

Additional modules ("upgrades")

For those who are adding modules to those chosen when making their original enrolment:

  • Adding the Farm Animal module: £199 plus £50 for any other additional modules
  • Not including the Farm Animal module: £170 for the first module plus £50 for any other additional modules

AMTRA Annual renewal fees for 2023

When paid by 30 November 2022 for the following year:

  • farm-animal RAMAs (those with the letters R, G, K or L in their prefix): £57, or £55/56 including the discount described below
  • all other RAMAs (those with the letters, C, E, J or A in their prefix): £52, or £50/51 including the discount described below

A discount per person is available to those paying in online on the AMTRA website (either as individuals or smaller businesses paying for multiple RAMAs), or for larger businesses managing their RAMAs' renewals on their behalf in an agreed manner. This discount is £2 per person for payments received in October, or £1 per person for payments received in November.

A late payment fee is charged on those renewing during December, making the total fee £67 for all categories of RAMA. After this, the reinstatement fee is payable.

Reinstatement fees

  • Anyone not having paid by 31 December (including those not eligible to pay, for instance because of their CPD status) is removed from the AMTRA Register on 1 January. The fee for reinstatement for the remainder of that calendar year: £77.

Those seeking reinstatement after more than 6 months off the AMTRA Register will be required to demonstrate that they have kept up to date, either by having gained their full current CPD points obligation within the last 24 months, or sitting and passing the "revalidation viva". Additional obligations may need to be met for longer periods: please check with the AMTRA office for details.

Student transfer fee

The fee to transfer a student enrolment from one candidate to another candidate within six months of the original enrolment is £82, or £131 between 6 and 12 months. Such a transfer can only be made with the written permission of the first candidate, and the new candidate assumes the original enrolment date.

"Revalidation viva" fees to demonstrate ongoing competency

For revalidation vivas in 2023: £131 (regardless of the number of species categories). Note that after passing the revalidation viva, the standard AMTRA Register fee must be paid to rejoin the Register, as appropriate at the time. This may be the standard renewal fee, the late payment fee, or the reinstatement fee, as applicable.